LoriAnn's Corner

The Story Behind "This Town"  

Shortly after I had moved to St. Augustine, FL I had been in a relationship with somebody (no need to mention any names) and it just didn't work out the way I had hoped at the time. We also must remember sometimes we need to thank God for those unanswered prayers, right? But I was walking around downtown St. Augustine one night after a show, and I started to realize how everywhere I went or everything I saw reminded me of that person. It was like I just couldn't get away from the memory no matter how hard I tried, even though it had already been a year since it ended. I kind of personified "the town" as being the one who loses the relationship. "This Town" knows what it's like to watch the people as they come and go."   I lived downtown at the time, and I walked back home and sat at my piano that night. I wrote "This Town" in twenty minutes, and to this day it's still the fastest song I've ever written. Sometimes I have this experience when I'm writing a song, and the words and melody just seem to flow out of me and I feel like God is just channeling everything through me and all I have to do is put it on paper and sing. It was an amazing experience that night, and to this day it's still the most requested song I receive at my shows. It's such a compliment.

The Story behind "Mama's Song" 

"Mama's Song" was actually the first country song I ever wrote. It was the first song I wrote to truly tell a story about how much my mother really shaped my character when I was growing up. Years ago when I decided to make the big move to Nashville, TN without knowing a soul in the city and no job, I wrote this song the day my mother left me in Nashville. My parents drove down a U-Haul truck for me with all of my belongings and I followed closely behind in my car. It was a seventeen hour trek from New York to Nashville!  I was able to find a great little apartment on West End Ave., right in downtown Nashville. My mom ended up staying with me a couple of weeks until I got a job waiting tables and was somewhat settled. Then the inevitable happened-the day had come when she had to go back home- and I was just beginning to create my new home all by myself in Nashville. I know it was one of the hardest days for my mom ever, just leaving her little baby girl in a strange city 1,000 miles from home. It was sad for me too, and inside I was scared to death but excited about all of the possibilities at the same time. As she left the driveway and it became official, I pulled my guitar out of my case on my living room floor, and began to write this song.

I had so much emotion running through my veins that day, and I kept playing these certain words my mom had told me when I was growing up, over and over again in my head.  She said, "darling you're the best different than the rest-just do what's right don't do nobody wrong. Keep on loving like you do and it'll come back to you and someday girl you'll find right where you belong." I kept repeating those words over and over to myself to stop from crying. I felt that writing songs and being a singer/songwriter, was finally the home I had always been looking for. I could just feel it in my gut, and now I finally had the opportunity to pursue it with everything I had.  I felt like everything I had done in my life had lead me to where I was now, in a strange city with nothing but music, songwriters, and musicians all around me. I just wanted to live, eat, and breathe music forever, and learn as much as possible about myself and the industry.

I was one of those kids growing up, that never seemed to quite fit in to the mold that everybody else seemed to fit in to.  I was athletic but I'd rather be singing, I was pretty but not a cover model, I was smart but didn't go to Yale! I didn't get excited about being a cheerleader just because it was the popular thing to do, I was never accepted by all of the so-called "cool crowd" (but they never really had anything against me either), and the friends I thought I had, always seemed to leave me out of the group somehow.  I spent a lot of my time after school by myself in my basement putting together shows for the neighborhood with my sister. We would write entire plays, dances, and songs and invite all the kids over to see them (and of course my mom)!  If I wasn't there I was upstairs in my bedroom or the bathroom singing songs in to my Fisher Price tape recorder and listening back to them. That's just what I loved to do! I loved taking piano lessons, dance lessons, and participating in the theatre at school. I didn't care that it wasn't the coolest thing you could do for an after school activity- it was what I knew I was good at! I was friends with all the different groups of kids in school-the cool kids, the nerds, whatever...it didn't matter to me. My mom always taught me to treat everyone you meet as an equal, because we are all God's children and every one of us is just as important to him as the other.  And ironically because of that, I guess I was considered a little bit different, because I didn't care what other people thought.  I finally started to realize that "different" is a good thing, because you are being uniquely you! You are being the person that God created you to be, and not trying to settle in to some other mold that is meant for somebody else. My mom taught me that through the years and helped me stay on track to become uniquely the person I am today. It feels so good to be comfortable in my own skin and there's a God-given peace in knowing you are exactly the person you are supposed to be because you didn't settle or become something else someone else wanted you to be. I hope you never settle in your own life, and find your passion and go for it! There is nothing better than finding exactly where you belong in life. I wish that for each and every one of you. I wanted to express the wisdom of my mom's words in a song, and that's how "Mama's Song" was born.